Based in Melbourne, Hana Vasak completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts at RMIT University. Hana focused on a video and sculptural installation-lead practice, exhibiting across Melbourne, continually exploring the human form and experimenting with porcelain.

In 2016, Hana began Dáša ceramics in ode of her mother and her memories of her as an artist and potter. Each Dáša piece is hand sculpted by Hana in her home studio in Melbourne. Hana’s approach to designing her vessels merges foundational techniques of hand building and slab construction. Drawing inspiration from sculpture, natural forms, ancient pottery and her travels, Hana creates small collections of individually hand crafted sculptural vessels that are unique in both shape and form.


‘The tactile sensuality of clay invites the use of organic forms derived from the body, the mind, landscape and the sea’*

In this new series of work informed by both the body and by landscape, each piece attempts to capture a sense of movement. The sculptural nature of these vessels imbues soft and figurative features – organic in form, with embellished curving shapes.

Painterly strokes and marks are made visible, creating textures that expose blemishes in the clay, whilst others appear more translucent, all reminiscent of qualities that appear in the vibrancy of nature seen on rocks, trees and bark.

Each vessel is made with expressive contours that allow light to fall on the subdued colour palette creating subtle tonal changes. Light accentuates the feel of movement and draws upon a painterly landscape where individual and unified forms come together.

* Ken Leveson, Modern Australian Sculpture: Multi-media with clay, 197

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