Alison Fraser lives and works in the Southern Highlands in regional NSW, and has exhibited in a number of group and solo shows across various mediums. She started her ceramic practice in 2012 after a career in graphic design and illustration. Alison hand builds her pieces and fires in reduction to stoneware (1280 Celsius) in her own gas kiln. The pieces for this show were constructed using slabs.

“There was one form of Morandi’s that I kept coming back to. The fat bottle. For quite a while I couldn’t understand why it kept demanding attention. Something about the proportions. I measured them finally and found that the bottom cylinder part was the same height as the cone part of the vessel. Unusual. Normally such forms would be 2:1… I liked that uncomfortable proportion and chose to run with it. So I have done a collection of five based on that one bottle. As the form had caught my eye by its unusual proportions, I kept working with ratio. So each piece has been expanded in size by the golden ratio of 1:1.618”

Alison is featured in the book Clay Contemporary Ceramic Artisans (Published 2016).