In the early-mid 20th Century, with a sparse selection of household objects painted in muted tones and warm light, Italian painter Giorgio Morandi extended a tradition of representational painting  while creating a minimalist aesthetic that remained relevant in the face of abstraction. Ultimately, Morandi’s poetic style did not escape the attention of his contemporaries and established a legacy for generations of representational painters. His work endures today with a fanaticism it deserves.

This show is an ode to his beautiful work, rendered in the particular stylings of these 23 artists and ceramicists from Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

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Elizabeth Barnett

Pip Woods

Vicki Bosworth

Rose Jensen Holm

Tara Burke

Anne Bellef

Jo Hoban

Michele Morcos

Katia Carletti

Brooke Dalton

Alison Fraser 

Leanne Thomas 

Jim Moody

Jane-Frances Tannock

Ulrica Trulsson

Cathy Cullis

Rohan Fraser

Michelle Ball 

Kiata Mason

Nicolette Johnson

Sally Hawthorne

Ella Bendrups

Hollie Martin


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