Nicholas Osmond draws from his embedded connection to place around his home in Moree in northern NSW. Only new to painting, over the last three years he has been prolifically honing his practice. Anchored by his intuitive sense of colour and guided by emotion, he works the surface to achieve a unity of colour. He sees himself as an observer, painting past and current narratives in Australian history.

“Colour is a big focus in my work. I do a drawing first, within five minutes it might be all gone but I remember the ideas from it and it anchors me there. I work with whatever colour is on the palette – I have a chopping board – I put down eight colours and I will blend, and as Joe Furlonger said, “To get going you just throw the colour on the canvas and you’re away.” He’d put down 10 to 12 layers before he could begin to feel what was happening. And for me it is very much like that – I will keep on going until everything is becoming unified”.