“Life in a portrait is vital to me. I was thinking of women from another time, women with hangups and dreams and ideas of their own. I particularly like thinking about hair, and how so many women from the past really paid so much care and attention to it, to try to respect the beauty ideal. I tried to make a film of each woman in one frame, the way a great photograph does”.


Originally from Perth Western Australia, Christina is an artist living in Brooklyn New York. Early on, Christina worked as an Art Director for Australian Vogue and US Vogue, shifting to working with her photographer husband in Paris while raising their two sons. Now living in Brooklyn NY, Christina’s background in design, fashion and photography greatly informs her work. Her paintings and drawings are primarily ink on paper and oil on linen.

Last June Christina showed her drawings in San Francisco in a solo show ”Book People”, and more recently has participated in a number of group shows in Paris, New York and Sydney. She has contributed illustrations to British and Australian Vogue, Allure Magazine, Papier Magazine and the Sydney Morning Herald. She recently provided portraits of the all the honorees and nominees for the 2018 CFDA Awards at the Brooklyn Museum, and is currently collaborating with designers Michael Kors and Maison Kitsune on special projects.