Anna Fitzpatrick is an artist from beachside Avoca, NSW, known for her compositional rhythms, bold colouration, and intuitive approach to subject. Her motifs are known to her;  close, intimate, intense and richly portrayed as though refracted through her inner eye and her earthly, feminine sensibility. Here, working with domesticated imagery, she strikes a balance between the formal compositions of still life and the playful abundance of nature. 


“A plethora of themes have emerged while painting this exhibition but the strongest of these (within the prism of still life) are flowers, circadian rhythms; and those magic windows of time within the day: the late afternoon, sunset and the gloaming where the light and temperature change, the sun sets and the moon swings clear of the horizon and rides off into the sky.

I have begun to notice that round and curvaceous orb of the moon pervading my artwork. Not only is it crystalised in a symbolic form that appears in the sky or glimpsed through a window in many of my paintings but it is also influencing the very grounds of my compositions! The shape of my artwork evolving from the strict formalism and hard edged geometry of traditional still life painting into a much more rounded, voluptuous, lusty aesthetic.

I have painted this exhibition largely outdoors on our deck and through doing so, have been given the chance to revel in the light of the gloaming: that humming pulsating light that deepens colours and ripens flowers and suffuses your very bones. I’ve tried to capture a sense of that ephemeral ‘glow’ in some of these artworks with the moon as my mirrorball and the flowers as my players on the stage”.

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